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10 Complete steps for making a Catalog

September 30, 2019 0 Concept

Hello everyone, we MAJESTY ADVERTISING have decided to write blogs and share our years of experience and skills with all of you. Majesty Advertising is already a well-known and prestigious Advertising Agency in Delhi and today we have achieved a good success, now we are extending our business to Digital Media/Social Media. So, this is the first blog on our prime service which is on Catalog Making and here we are going to describe you the complete procedure on “10 Complete steps for making a Catalog “ Step-to-Step method, that we are following for over the decades and giving our clients a best result.

Let’s start and keep all these steps in mind for preparing a perfect catalog

10 Complete steps for making a Catalog

1. Taking brief from the Client

This is formal process of collecting almost all information from the client regarding his business, his ideas of doing the business, his vision, his mission and finally any form of benefit that can derived from his products or services for the benefit of human society as a whole.

The very next step is a deep study of his competitors profile as to how they are competitive in the market and what are their survival tactics. During this process or eventually you could find guide lines to lay a foundation stone for the new shoot catalog that you are going to prepare.

The budget part is also finalized to take care of the expenses limits for the catalog according the demand and choice of the client.

2. Developing a Concept  based on your specific Unique Selling Proposition.

Why your customer will buy your product. What is the speciality of your product that a customer will leave other products.  For this we have to find our your unique benefits that is available nowhere.  This is process is called searching USP.

According to this USP, now we have to plan the following steps;

  • Casting/ Model Selection
  • Location/ Production
  • Catalog Theme
  • Makeup/ Styling

Casting/ Model Selection: Casting or selection of models is an important task, if you wish to give your client to create interest in your product in beautiful manner by presenting your product in a unique way and great look. 

Location/ Production : The location is  most important part of the project as it has a divine role to play creatively in the look and design of the catalog.

Catalog Theme :  Theme basically include whole design of the catalog.  This is the life line of the catalog and has to be taken care of . 

Makeup/ Styling :   Face look of the model is the most important part of attraction in the catalog.  Therefore, right makeup artists along with right stylist is a dire necessity when we think about a catalog.

3. Preparation for shoot

Before the shoot day, we need to build a concept of our whole shoot regarding the criteria, which we have already discussed about with client. Then we get our team ready for the shoot which include Best Photographers, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Stylist, etc. Always keep in mind that your concept building must be accurate, it is necessary to get desired result.

4. Selecting perfect images

There should be a right eye to select the perfect image for the catalog. Otherwise the basic beauty of the catalog will be disturbed. Being one of the Best Photography Agency in Delhi we are having a good sense of knowledge in Image Selection, which is also get admired every time.

5. Editing/ Retouching the selected Images

Editing or Retouching is used for making an image as perfect as possible. It depends upon the Graphic Designer that how he/she will refine the image and make it more attractive by their skills. Some key point to remember while editing are Tools of Editing(Adobe Photoshop, Light room etc), Cropping, Hue/Color Balance, Brightness/Contrast, etc..

6. Designing the new catalog

Here comes one of the most interesting part, which is to designing a catalog. At this step, we will give our catalog a new structure with the help of our own creative skills. Points to be noted during catalog making are

  1. Catalog Cover Page & Back Cover
  2. Product must be Highlighted

And all the work is being done by Professional Graphic Designer.

7. Digitally printed sample for approval from client

A sample copy is digitally printed for the scrutiny of the client.  Any desired changes is noted without disturbing the planned USP effect of the catalog. 

8. Pre-Press/ Printing

After approval from client a copy of the catalog that is going to be finally printed is availed to the client for a last approval and his satisfaction.

9. Final Printing/ Packaging

After full and final approval, the catalog is sent for printing and packaging.

10. Finally Sent to the Client

After all these procedures, when the catalog is completely ready then it is finally sent to the Client

– Surjeet Singh